We provide short and long-term contracted clinical and procedural consulting and dispensing coverage to client mental health agencies, long term care facilities and pharmacies.

We also provide private personalized Medication Therapy Management services to individuals who wish to optimize the benefits and safety of their medication regimens.


Medication Management is complicated.  It is complicated for individuals, especially those without any medical training of their own.  It is complicated for health care organizations, and they have so many other aspects of their patients', clients', member's, residents' well being to think about.

Clinical Pharmacists are trained to dissect medication management into its components.  We think linearly, and in algorithms.  Naturally.  Without having to concentrate very hard at it.  We think of a drug, then, what it is for, and what lab values are optimum, what the dose range is, and what interactions and side effects to look for, all in the same second.  What then follows naturally is thinking in terms of medication policies and procedures, straight line protocols to reach desired outcomes.

Pharmwise Consult was born to bring these abilities to the public.  That public being folks independently walking down the street and those folks who take care of those who cannot.


Our office is located on the East Side of Providence, Rhode Island.

We are licensed to practice in Rhode Island and Massachusetts.



Elizabeth A. Dromsky, BSPharm, RPh, cMTM

Founder & CEO

Liz graduated with a B.S. in Pharmacy from the University of Rhode Island in 1989.  She has practiced pharmacy across many areas of healthcare, including community / retail pharmacy, long term care pharmacy and skilled nursing facility, rehabilitation center and assisted living consulting, behavioral health and developmental disabilities agencies.  Her focus is on the care of adult and geriatric patients, specializing in psychopharmacology and geriatric pharmacotherapy.

She loves travelling off the beaten path, science fiction movies, and good coffee.

Liz lives in Providence, Rhode Island with her daughter and their three black cats.

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