Private & Personalized Medication Therapy Management

Medication therapy management, or MTM service, gives you the opportunity to meet privately, one on one, with a Clinical Pharmacist to review all of your current prescription medications, over the counter medications, and supplements.

The goal of MTM is to identify, prevent and resolve any problems with your current medication regimen.

The process of MTM includes the following:

  • ensuring that all medications have an understood reason or diagnosis for use.
  • ensuring that there is no duplication of therapy, either by more than one drug in a class or both brand name and generic.
  • reviewing for any drug-drug or drug-diet interactions.
  • reviewing for and discussing any possible medication side effects.
  • reviewing available laboratory results (blood work) in order to monitor for adverse effects of medications or possible indicators that medications need adjustment.
  • discussing any barriers to medication compliance, such as dosage forms, dosage schedules, or cost considerations.

If any adjustments to your current prescription medication regimen is recommended as a result of our MTM session, we will collaborate with your prescribers to discuss and implement the changes.

At the end of your MTM session, you will receive a complete report of your medication evaluation and any recommendations made by the pharmacist to you and also to your other providers, when applicable.


Prior to your MTM appointment:

  • Collect all of your medications to bring to the appointment.  This should include all of your prescription containers (new, old and uncertain).  Also include all regular over-the-counter medications and supplements that you currently take.
  • We will ideally also have a report from your pharmacy or pharmacies about all of your recent prescriptions filled - for reconciliation with your supply. We can get this with a signed release, or you can plan to bring a copy.
  • As well as copies of recent blood work (again, we can get a copy if we have a signed release),
  • and names of your primary care provider(s) and any medical specialists you regularly visit (some of them we can get from the pharmacy reports).


Contact us to make an appointment, or for more information.  We are happy to visit you at your home (in the Providence, RI area ) or our offices.